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The Story of

Whale Island Resort

Whale Island Resort was built on Hon Ong since 1997 with a total area of 900 hectares, there is no inhabitant, there is only one resort here – a separate island in Vietnam. In front is a nature reserve, behind is a large forest and the sea. The idea for us to create Whale Island Resort from the space here: wild and fresh. The founding team of Whale Island saw urbanization, industrialization with skyscrapers, polluted air and trees almost invisible in big cities. And what we aspire to when creating Whale Island is to bring people back to nature, back to the wildest and most original!

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Welcome to Whale Island resort

Lie back in the peaceful scenery of the pristine and green nature!

Hideaway Place for Relaxation

White Sand Beach

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The restaurant at Whale Island Resort is a beachfront restaurant with a spacious, airy design with a simple and pristine character. With a design mainly from thatched roofs, bamboo walls and electric lighting systems, the decoration is handcrafted to make the restaurant space more intimate and bold with Vietnamese traditional colors.

+ Capacity: 80-90 guests
+ Opening time:



The bar at Whale Island Resort is inspired by the image of a boat in the middle of the ocean, designed with a direct view of the sea, catching the natural wind. Especially with the sea view, you can comfortably watch the beautiful sunset on Hon Ong Island from the bar position of Whale Island Resort. If you want to find a nice little space to relax every night, this bar will be the ideal choice.

+ Opening time: 6h30 – 23h00



Double Garden
Room Size30 m²Total Rooms8Room TypeGarden ViewPrice from$100
Double / Twin Front Sea
Room Size30 m²Total Rooms17Room TypeSea ViewPrice from$100
Family Garden
Room Size40 m²Total Rooms2Room TypeGarden ViewPrice from$100
Family Front Sea
Room Size40 m²Total Rooms3Room TypeSea ViewPrice from$100

"We are happy to offer you a truly

balanced, of a relaxing, and memorable vacation."

Mr. Andy

Managing Director