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Pan hou Whale Island Resort

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Pan Hou The province of Ha Giang is home to a real treasure, I mean the twenty three ethnic groups living there ( Tay, Yao, Hmong, Nung, Pa Then, La Chi, Co Lao, Bo Y, Lo Lo, Ha Nhi, Phu La …). The adventure trip will be cultural with visits and encounters such as the Hiamen of the last king Hmong Vuon Chi Xing, the markets between Xin Man, Hoang Su Phi and Dong Van or Meo Vac. You can take on challenges such as treks in the Song Chay massif or the conquest of the Tay Con Linh and the Ky Léou Ty. You will watch lots of ways of life and traditions, but not only, thanks to a Flora, fauna and geology which are the subject of numerous international missions of exploration and study.  

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Whale Island

The villas are drowned intropical vegetation and coconut trees, in the bay, coral reefs host clown fishes, damsels or Moorish idols, while above the sand, turn trevalleys  and barracudas.Masks and snorkels will allow you to walk in this underwater garden. The divers will go every morning to the sites outside the archipelago and discover the rich coral landscapes where can evolve rays, whale sharks and even humpback whales. Catamarans, windsurfs, paddles and kayaks are at your disposal for nautic activities. A path goes around the island where you can observe many birds and barking deer. Don’t forget to come home for a cocktail before a dinner made of Vietnamese specialities.