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Pan Hou Village Trekking

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Hiking must extend over several days through areas inaccessible by other means than your legs.  You will walk every day between three and seven hours between jungles and bamboo groves, through the rice terraces or in the tea forests. Eighty-five local guides, porters and cooks, all members , will take you through the « gates of the clouds » from the Tays villages to the Man Ta Pan and their shamans. Up to ten ethnic minorities groups will welcome you in their traditional houses for the night. Meals at home will be an opportunity for spectacular and moving encounters.

  Walking day price per person Price per group
Number of hikers Local guide, food, night and permit Porter /person
English speaking guide
1 pax 69 usd 12 usd 50 usd
2 pax 49 usd 12 usd 50 usd
3-5 pax 44 usd 12 usd 50 usd
6-9 pax 40 usd 12 usd 50 usd
10 pax & + 38 usd 12 usd 50 usd

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